How To Buy The Perfect Evening Dress
  As women, a beautiful evening dress is a must-have in our wardrobe. Let's face it, wearing a stunning dress in the right fit, cut, and colour makes us feel nothing short of amazing.   Unfortunately, so many of us struggle when it comes to choosing their perfect dress. The sheer number of beautiful evening dresses available doe..
Be Ready To Transition To Summer In No Time
Spring has sprung, and it’s finally time to peel off those coats and layers – yay! There’s a slew of new pieces and accessories to help us transition into the new season (not that we needed any excuses!) With summer arriving, many things spring to mind, from Aperol spritz afternoons to lazy days at the beach. But also, with the warmer temperatures, it’s time to update a ..
6 Things You Need To Do When Your Wedding is Over
                                                                Once your wedding day has come to an end, it's likely yo..
What Your Engagement Ring Says About You
  Whether you are just daydreaming about your perfect engagement ring or you are already wearing one, the design actually reveals your personality and says a lot about your style. Is it a solitaire diamond or a coloured stone? Do you prefer a shiny new piece or a rare vintage find? Here are some of the hidden meanings behind most cherished ring designs! Classic R..
6 Tips for Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Skin Care Routine
  With your big day just around the corner, it’s important to start figuring out your ideal skincare routine now, in order to get your skin wedding ready so you don’t have any surprises when the day officially arrives.   In this article, we’ll share 6 easy, fuss-free ways to keep your skin healthy and happy right up to your wedding day, because you have e..
The Best Bridal Hair Pieces For All Kinds Of Hairstyles
Bridal hair pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and there's something to match perfectly with every bride's hearts desire. Ranging from petite and dainty bridal hair pins, to bridal combs and side combs; not to mention the array of show-stopping bridal headpieces available, there really IS a bridal hair piece for EVERY bride. While you may be tempted to go shopping for brid..
Bridal Accessories Inspiration: What Styles Do Celebrities Wear?
Known for their over the top weddings, paparazzi-worthy wedding outfits, and celebrations that span multiple days and places, when it comes to weddings, celebrities are in a league of their own. With access to the world's best and most beautiful bridal accessories, celebrities have the luxury of picking from the best of the best!   While you may assume that the..
Wedding Day Inspiration: The Minimal Bride
In our earlier articles we discussed some of the most popular bridal styles and why it's a good idea to choose an overriding theme for your wedding. According to bridal stylists, most brides find that their wedding experience will be easier and more streamlined if there is a common theme running throughout it.  To read more click here. From finding the perf..
How To Choose Bridesmaids Jewellery They'll Love
Bridesmaids jewellery is such an important part of the bridesmaid's outfit, and the wedding party in general. Bridesmaids jewellery lets them sparkle and feel connected to the bride for one special day of their lives. For the bride, choosing the perfect bridesmaids jewellery can be a difficult task. While all brides wear many hats - peacemaker, negotiator, controller of ..