6 Tips for Your Perfect Pre-Wedding Skin Care Routine

pre wedding skincare


With your big day just around the corner, it’s important to start figuring out your ideal skincare routine now, in order to get your skin wedding ready so you don’t have any surprises when the day officially arrives.


In this article, we’ll share 6 easy, fuss-free ways to keep your skin healthy and happy right up to your wedding day, because you have enough to worry about, without having to stress over your skin!


Keep it simple

Forget about fancy, complicated routines involving a million products, especially now when you have so many other things on your mind! In fact, all you really need is a simple cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine, as long as you’re using all natural and organic products. Follow this simple 3 step routine twice a day to keep your skin clear and healthy in the weeks leading up to your big day.

Avoid intense peels or scrubs

While a peel or deeper exfoliation treatment, like microdermabrasion, is a great way to pull deep down toxins and clear blackheads from out of your pores, it’s not the best idea too close to your wedding day when you want your skin to look its best. The skin goes through an initial detox period, where it may break out before it starts to clear and the last thing you want is a big blemish on your wedding day!

Be diligent with the SPF

We cannot stress this one enough! One of the simplest ways to keep your skin youthful and healthy is to be really generous with the SPF. As you go about ticking things off your wedding to-do list, be sure your skin is protected at all times.

Do take off your makeup before bed

Now is the time when it may be super tempting to skip taking off your makeup, especially after a long and tiring day of wedding planning! This is something you definitely want to avoid because leaving your makeup on can cause all kinds of skin issues from clogged pores to dull skin, no thanks! Invest in an organic makeup remover and be sure to remove every last trace before hitting the sheets!

Follow these tips for the perfect shave

Smooth skin is a must on your special day, but shaving can cause all sorts of hassles from ingrown hairs to annoying shaving rashes. To avoid any problems, be sure to invest an all natural and organic shaving cream, free form harsh, skin-irritating ingredients and use a super sharp blade for the smoothest glide. Exfoliate before to open up your pores, close your pores by finishing with a cool rinse and don’t forget to apply a soothing after-shave balm like aloe vera to keep your skin smooth and free from irritation. Voila! You can thank us later.

Renew overnight

Night time is the time when your skin renews while you get your rest so be sure to apply the right ingredients to really amp up the process. A good night cream will infuse your skin with a powerful dose of superstar ingredients so you wake up with skin worthy of a princess!


We hope these tips help to inspire and excite you for your big day!

Posted by Vanessa Roberts