Bespoke Fine Jewellery


So what is Glamadonna BESPOKE?

If you've ever shopped for an important piece of fine jewellery, you've no doubt been on the receiving end of sleazy sales talk, vague "quotes", and over-inflated prices that are enough to make your eyes water. 

Don't you just wish you knew someone who could eliminate the mumbo-jumbo, save you the running around, and give you an amazing price as well?


...Well, thanks to Glamadonna BESPOKE - you do!

With close connections to the fine jewellery industry (and having been located within Australia's 'diamond precinct' for 11 years), Glamadonna's founder Vanessa Roberts has been fortunate to develop many valuable connections in this field.

Having saved herself and her friends thousands of dollars over the years by tapping into her trusted jewellery industry contacts, Vanessa is now officially inviting YOU to utilize this bespoke service which takes the inflated prices and frustration out of fine jewellery purchasing.


"In what can be an unscrupulous industry, the right connections are essential to saving time, and lots of money." 

 -- Glamadonna founder, Vanessa Roberts.


However, price is only one consideration:

"Buying fine jewellery the traditional way is a mission. Precious time is wasted trawling the streets, peering into windows, then looking at items with secretive prices. After 30 minutes of hard-sell, buyers are handed a business card with a few prices scribbled down, and then it happens all over again at the next boutique. People are often left confused and bamboozled - not to mention freaked out over the prices."  Vanessa says.

This system is not only exhausting and annoying, we think it's stuck in the dark ages!

So let us save you time and money on your next special jewellery purchase.

We'll deliver you an exclusive piece of jewellery at the best price possible (no matter your budget)


1) You don't pay for any flashy stores

2) You don't pay for our million-dollar ad campaigns

3) We're not commission-based salespeople

4) We don't carry pricey inventory

5) We don't quote based on personal impressions.


To make this service happen, we've partnered with several local suppliers with decades of experience between them who will work together to bring your dreams to life.

With specific knowledge of the custom jewellery process, we will create your exclusive piece of jewellery whether it's an engagement ring, an anniversary gift, or something beautiful to reward yourself with.


It couldn't be simpler. Here's how it works:

1. Find an example photo/s of the item you would like created - OR dream up the ultimate design from your imagination

2. Send us a quick email with the photo or description of the item you want us to make. Let us know of any special elements such as stone colour, size, quality - or ask us to make suggestions.

3. We'll work with our contacts to come up with the best price possible.

4. We'll send you an obligation-free formal quote within 48 hours.

5. You can send us any variations or questions about your piece and we'll work it all out with you in writing over email, at your convenience.

6. Once you've confirmed you'd like to go ahead, we'll get to work creating your exclusive dream piece.

7. After the work is completed, we contact you and dispatch the finished product.

8. We can happily arrange accredited valuation certificates for your finished item.




Bespoke: Hand-crafted jewellery is made with your choice of materials according to your exact specification.

  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • White Gold & Yellow Gold

  • Platinum

  • Diamonds

  • Pearls

  • Precious Stones

  • Coloured Gem Stones

Simply send us your requirements and let us quote you!


Repair and Restoration: We'll resurrect your treasured jewels to their former glory:

  • Re-set missing stones,

  • Re-size rings,

  • Re-plate, buff, and polish,

  • Check settings

  • Jewellery cleaning

  • Fix broken chains and so on...


Re-designing: Convert the bottom of the jewellery box into wearable designs you can keep or re-sell:

  • Turn out-dated designs into pieces to love

  • Give heirlooms a new lease of life

  • Reconnect family treasures for the modern era.


To take advantage of our custom jewellery service, contact us now for an obligation-free e-consult. We're more than happy to help!

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