Care Instructions

Your jewellery has been crafted by hand using a range of quality materials for you to enjoy. Please follow these simple rules for caring for your costume jewellery:

  • Jewellery must be kept free from moisture of any kind – especially fake tan, perfume, moisturiser, hairspray and salt water.
  • Use a silver cloth or plain soft fabric to clean your Rhodium-Plated (silver-coloured) jewellery items. 
  • Please do not use liquid cleaning fluids, solvents, or harsh abrasives of any kind.
  • Take a great deal of care in the storage and transportation of your delicate jewellery items.
  • We strongly avoid transporting jewellery loosely in wallets and handbags as this is likely to cause damage.

 Please understand that we cannot be responsible for items that have been damaged through negligence.

Please contact us for any further care instructions queries you may have.