How To Choose Bridesmaids Jewellery They'll Love

choosing the perfect bridesmaids jewellery

Bridesmaids jewellery is such an important part of the bridesmaid's outfit, and the wedding party in general. Bridesmaids jewellery lets them sparkle and feel connected to the bride for one special day of their lives.

For the bride, choosing the perfect bridesmaids jewellery can be a difficult task. While all brides wear many hats - peacemaker, negotiator, controller of finances, and events expert (among many others) adopting the hat of "personal stylist" doesn't always come naturally.

For most brides, planning what their bridesmaids are going to wear is the only time they'll have final say on what someone else wears. Balancing the style and aesthetics of the bridesmaids as individuals, with the bride's own ideas for the theme of the day takes know-how and diplomacy.

From the bridesmaids headpieces to their earrings, their dress and shoes, the look of the wedding party is in the bride's hands. Designing a look that's flattering, beautiful ,on budget and timeless is a tricky task. And let's not forget the old fear that the bridesmaids may upstage the bride!

So if you're looking to choose bridesmaids jewellery, here are our top tips for the bride!

choosing perfect bridesmaids jewellery

AS SHOWN: Alice Bridesmaids Earring

Tip #1 - Treat the bridesmaids dress as a blank canvas which you can build upon.

As a rule of thumb, it's so much easier to style up the dresses with beautiful bridesmaids jewellery and stunning shoes, than it is to experiment with dresses.

Tip #2 - Stay on budget.

Shop for bridesmaids jewellery that looks amazing, without breaking the bank. Online bridal bridal jewellery stores such as ours offer luxe-for-less pieces that appeal to the budget conscious bride. And if you're thinking that buying jewellery on a budget is a faux pas, think again! These days it is possible to purchase absolutely stunning pieces made out of premium materials such as Swarovski Crystal, when you know where to look.

choosing bridesmaids jewellery

AS SHOWN: Florence Bridesmaids Necklace

Tip #3 - Use the bride's dress as a guide.

If the bride has opted for a simple sheath wedding dress and accessories, then this calls for a similarly simple look for the bridesmaids. Choose a classic and timeless bridesmaids dress, accessorised with simple (yet stunning) bridesmaids jewellery.

Tip #4 - Pay attention to the bridesmaid dress style

So, you've chosen a plunging neckline of a low bodice gown for the girls? No problem. In that case, dangly earrings or long drop bridesmaids earrings are perfect to offset this kinds of neckline. If the girls are wearing off the shoulder or higher necklines, then luckily both short and long drop earrings will work. Lastly, for intricate bodices or busy dresses, then it's best to keep the bridesmaids jewellery simple - classic studs or an elegant bracelet are perfect.

Tip #5 - Coordinate with the wedding colour theme.

A clever way to coordinate the look of the wedding is to incorporate the overall colour scheme into the bridal party outfits. In this way, look at your bridesmaids as part of the overall wedding look. For example, their dresses might come from the same colour family, or perhaps you can choose bridesmaids jewellery in coloured stones or crystals to match the wedding theme. 

choosing bridesmaids jewellery

Tip #6 - Make sure the bridesmaids jewellery matches the wedding theme. 

Whether you're having a sleek urban wedding, a vintage gathering, a classic white wedding or a destination island wedding, then ideally the bridesmaids jewellery should reflect that. When shopping our collection, you'll find that it is versatile and broad enough, allowing you to find the perfect bridesmaids jewellery for any style of occasion.

Tip #7 - Distinguish bridesmaids from the bride.

"Opposites attract" and "bigger is better" - confused? Well, don't be. In simple terms, the general rule is that the bridesmaids can either wear a smaller version of whatever statement piece the bride is wearing, or they can wear something the bride isn't (such as a bracelet if the bride is only wearing earrings).

Tip #8 - Make the bridesmaids jewellery their thank you gift.

We can't think of a better way to thank your bridesmaids (and even your little flower girl) than with a beautiful piece of jewellery they will cherish for years to come. Not only is this thoughtful and always appreciated, it's budget-friendly too.

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Posted by Vanessa Roberts