Top Fashion Travel Hacks To Use On Your Honeymoon

When it comes to travel, most people will start obsessing over packing - what to pack, what not to pack, and how to pack properly. But, if you’re a travel pro, you will have already developed a set of handy time-saving hacks that you take wherever you go. If you're looking for a few of the best travel fashion hacks that travel pros swear by, keep reading. These are the tips you'll want to have up your sleeve when it comes time for your honeymoon!

#1 - Roll Your Clothes

This trick is quite well known, and if you master it, you will be very happy you did so. Rolling your clothes is especially handy if you want to avoid ironing and also want to find things quickly. Rolling allows you to fit more items into the bag and locate them with ease.  

#2 - Place Tissue Paper Between Clothes

If you plan to travel to a location and attend events or need to dress up, then the tissue paper trick is a good one - it stops the different clothing pieces from rubbing against one another and getting crinkled or damaged. Secondly, when a dress has mild embroidery or a design patch, it has to be properly taken care of. Placing a sheet of paper between the different items prevents damage and gives you peace of mind.

#3 - Don't take too much Jewellery

Even if you want to wear the most exquisite pink diamonds in Australia on your honeymoon, it is best not to go overboard. Rather than taking the most expensive pieces from your jewellery box, opt for some affordable luxe-style jewellery instead. After all, the probability of loss or a burglary is high when you're travelling.  

#4 - Reserve Heavy Clothes for The Base

Once you have selected what you want to pack, you need to departmentalise them in your bag. After all, stacking everything in the same bag can be daunting, with limited space. Don’t just roll everything and set and forget. instead, reserve the heavy clothes for the base. Once you place the heavy clothes in the bottom of the bag, the next step is to put everything on top in grouped sections.

#5 - Make Sure Your Suitcase Smells Good

If you’ve got new or dirty clothes, they will eventually smell weird from being packed together in a small suitcase. This is obviously not something you want on your honeymoon. Therefore, we recommend to put scented dryer sheets throughout the luggage. You can also spray a perfume on to small pieces of cardboard for the same effect. Just take care not to place the sprayed cards next to any delicate fabrics in case of staining.

#6 - Carry Jewellery in a Medicine Container

Ditch the bulky luxury jewellery box and try to carry as light as you can. Although it sounds a little strange, a plastic pill container will help get rid of large space consumption in the bag. You can even convert a small empty lip balm container as a jewellery holder as it's a sturdy way to store your rings and earrings in a single space. 

#7 - Use Straws as a Necklace Holder

De-tangling a necklace that has gotten tangled into a thousand knots and with the rest of the jewellery items is a very frustrating job to overcome. However, if you use this travel hack, tangled fine jewellery chains will be a thing of the past. Simply insert the chain into a drinking straw and tie over the end with a piece of sticky tape. Then, you can handle and store as many necklaces as you like with no risk of damage or frustration.

Posted by Vanessa Roberts