How To Buy The Perfect Evening Dress

how to buy an evening dress


As women, a beautiful evening dress is a must-have in our wardrobe. Let's face it, wearing a stunning dress in the right fit, cut, and colour makes us feel nothing short of amazing.


Unfortunately, so many of us struggle when it comes to choosing their perfect dress. The sheer number of beautiful evening dresses available doesn’t help the situation either. But not anymore!


Use the following tips to choose the right evening dress for any occasion.

  1. Consider the type of event 

First and foremost, what type of event are you attending? Is there a theme?

Generally, most of us don't want to feel or look out of place in the crowd. So, keep the theme and dress code in mind when starting the initial dress shopping process. While creativity is acceptable, exclude anything that runs the risk of making you look as if you didn't read the invitation properly!

  1. Consider your budget

Be honest with yourself and your bank balance, and ask yourself "what’s the maximum amount I can afford on this evening dress?" Knowing this figure is very important. Not only will it prevent you from buyers remorse and over-spending, but having a budget will make dress shopping easier as it narrows down your dress choices within a specific price.


But wait! Remembering that in theory at least, price is an exchange of value, don't expect to get a couture-style gown for a fast fashion budget. Be realistic with your expectations, and be prepared to swap certain embellishments or details for a better cut or higher quality fabric. 

  1. Pick the right colour

Another important consideration is of course, dress colour. Sure, most of us choose a black evening dress as it's considered safe. However, there’s no harm in experimenting with vibrant colours if you feel confident.


Whatever colour you go for, it's always a nice idea to choose an evening gown that matches your complexion, given that certain colours will complement your skin tone over others. Have you ever noticed how some colours seem to lift you up, while others drag you down? Pay attention to what works for you, as these factors can make you look more beautiful instantly - no makeup required. 

  1. Your body type

When we're shopping for the perfect evening dress, it's super-important to keep a focus on the designs which complement our body size and shape. For instance, if your shoulders are broad, you may want to choose a design that encases them. If you're petite, you might want to avoid a voluminous flowy dress which could swamp your frame.

  1. Classic style is always a winner

In terms of making your purchase stretch further, investing in an evening gown that can stand the test of time is a great idea. In an ideal world, you'll want to wear your dress several times, and the best way to ensure this is to avoid trendy dresses. Instead, go for a fascinating dress that’ll flatters your figure, and that won't date straight away. 

  1. Choose the right accessories

A stylish dress does wonders in transforming you into a stunning beauty. But the perfect accessories can turn you into the belle of the ball! As a general rule, if your dress already features elaborate details, keep the accessories tasteful and to a minimum. However, if your evening dress is relatively simple, this is a great excuse to add flair and style by a selection of luxe-style jewels.


Posted by Vanessa Roberts