6 Bridal Earrings You Can Easily Wear After The Wedding

bridal earrings you can wear again

Brides often lament that so much time, effort and expense goes into finding all the perfect parts of their wedding day look, and so little of what they buy can ever be worn again!

While it's fun and exciting to piece together this great jigsaw puzzle that is the wedding day outfit, what's even better is being able to enjoy wearing some of the items well after the wedding day has passed.

Not only is this wise from a budgeting standpoint, it means you can carry a little piece of the most special day with you as time goes on.

With so much of the bride's ensemble carefully packed away into tissue-papered boxes for safe keeping for eternity (we're looking at you, veils, garters, bridal lingerie and shoes - not to mention the dress itself), if chosen carefully, the bridal jewellery can remain part of the bride's world going forward.

Bridal Earrings are the most versatile of all the jewellery items, and these can be worn again and again to anything such as a ball, a fancy dinner, or even date night.

Tips For Choosing Bridal Earrings You Can Wear After The Wedding:

Tip #1 - It stands to reason, but the rule of thumb is, the more CLASSIC the style of the bridal earring, the more wearable it is later on.

By classic we mean earring styles that are not trend-based or seasonal. They may be modelled on real diamond jewellery and have a timeless elegant look that never goes out of style. Classic round shapes, flattering teardrop designs, and simplified settings constitute a classic jewellery aesthetic.

Tip #2The most wearable bridal earrings after the wedding day has passed, tend to be those in the SMALL to MEDIUM size category.

While you may be lucky enough to attend numerous fancy galas per year (in which case extravagant statement bridal earrings will be your go-to) for most people, small to medium size earrings are the most workable.

Tip #3 - If you want your bridal jewellery to stand the test of time, then you'll need to choose pieces in top quality materials that are designed to last.

That needn't mean splashing out on diamonds and platinum! You can buy bridal earrings for a tiny fraction of the price (such as those made with Swarovski Crystal and AAA-Grade Cubic Zirconia), and these will keep their beautiful sparkle indefinitely. Shop for pieces that are heavily plated in rhodium (a white gold derived plating) that deters tarnishing. All of our collection falls into these categories so rest assured you have found the right place!

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Tip #4 - Last but not least, select bridal earrings that you actually LIKE, and don't fall into the trap of buying a pair simply because they match the dress, or you think they'll land you a place in Vogue Brides. 

At the end of the day, your wedding day is just that - YOUR wedding day, so the best way to ensure some mileage out of any items you buy is to buy what is true to your personal style. This almost guarantees you'll be able to wear your bridal jewellery for years!

Here we showcase 6 bridal earrings we guarantee you'll want to wear after your wedding day!

bridal earrings

ABOVE: Carlie Bridal Earring 

These delicate and lightweight teardrop earrings would be perfect alongside a little black dress for cocktails.

bridal earrings you can wear again

ABOVE: Ariane Bridal Earring

These bold and glamourous sparkly stud earrings work perfectly with anything from a bridal gown to a tailored tuxedo.

bridal earrings you can wear again

ABOVE: Charlotte Bridal Earring

These demure and pretty pearl earrings would look right at home with a classy office outfit or spring dress.

bridal earrings you can wear again

ABOVE: Palais Bridal Earring

For Oscars-style accessorising, we can't go past these dazzling cluster earrings that will suit any style of formal gown no matter the decade.

bridal earrings you can wear again

ABOVE: Marian Bridal Earrings

For an earring that you want to get a lot of wear out of, this classic teardrop style will work with anything from bridesmaids dress to a date night ensemble.

bridal earrings you can wear again

ABOVE: Chloe Bridal Earrings

We can't go past these heirloom-style emerald cut stud earrings for ultimate versatility. Team them with jeans, a dress or a gown - the choice is endless!


If you would like assistance selecting the perfect bridal earrings for your wedding day, contact us! We're ready to help.



Posted by Vanessa Roberts