Wedding Day Inspiration: The Vintage Bride

We previously wrote about the different bridal styles and how much easier your wedding journey will be if you identify the main style - or look, you want to achieve for your most special day. From finding the right dress, to selecting the venue, the invitations and the cake, all of these elements come together to create your bridal style and they all have signatures of their own.

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Below we've curated some of our favourite examples of Vintage Bridal Style & Vintage Bridal Jewellery. But first, what is "Vintage Bridal Style"? 

As the name implies, vintage bridal style evokes the feelings of eras gone by. Whilst there is a distinct look and feel to vintage-inspired weddings, they remain quite timeless. Couples have many decades to draw inspiration from - there is the ornately oriented Victorian and Edwardian era, the decadent Art Deco period, and the retro glamour of the 40's and 50's. Vintage weddings are interesting, and in terms of bridal wear and vintage style engagement rings, they are one of the most popular.

In terms of the wedding dress, a vintage-inspired wedding dress often features lace, beading, applique, and in some cases, added embellishments such as fringe. Vintage-inspired wedding dresses can be quite closely modelled on gowns from that particular era, or they can simply pick and choose certain favourite elements such as a vintage-style train, neckline, fabric type or silhouette. There is so much variety in vintage-themed wedding outfits that the choices are simply endless. Ivory, creme and beige are the usual colours for vintage wedding dresses, and as such, pearls tend to work particularly well when it comes to picking the perfect bridal jewellery.

Brides looking for vintage bridal jewellery are spoilt for choice, with so many bridal earrings, bridal bracelets and bridal headpieces falling into the "vintage" style category! Look for antique-style designs with smaller stones, metallic finishes and textured touches such as milegrain. Pearls as mentioned before, typify the vintage bridal jewellery style.

However, if you're a vintage bride, you do not have to limit yourself as far as bridal jewellery goes. It is acceptable to wear a complete bridal jewellery ensemble comprising  several pieces of jewellery, as this is in keeping with the tradition of decades past.

Here we have compiled some of our favourite vintage bridal looks, and selected key vintage bridal jewellery from our collection:

bridal jewellery vintage inspiration

ABOVE: The quintessential vintage bridal look that's beautifully decadent without being heavy. A plunging neckline, combined with a soft flowing skirt and Gatsby-era beading is pure Art Deco perfection. The soft feathered jacket adds extra texture and luxury to this already stunning ensemble.

bridal jewellery vintage inspiration

ABOVE: This is another beautiful vintage-inspired wedding look, with slight boho vibes. The soft sleeves and gentle silhouette are perfect for a relaxed wedding day. 

bridal jewellery vintage detail

ABOVE: The details on this vintage wedding dress are simply to die for. Delicate scalloped lace combined with clever pearl bead work is both bold and delicate at the same time. If only we could see what the bottom half of this dress would look like. We imagine it would be magical!

bridal jewellery vintage lace

ABOVE: This vintage wedding dress featuring all over lace is an example in how to add a little sexy sophistication to your wedding day look. The plunging neckline is the only skin showing, and the balance is just perfect,

bridal jewellery inspiration vintage style wedding dress

ABOVE: We love this vintage wedding dress with a sophisticated, classic twist. The off the shoulder design is the perfect balance to the soft flowy skirt beneath. Intricate beading detail in the same hue as the gown is also stunning.

Vintage Bridal Jewellery Picks:

vintage bridal jewellery earrings

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vintage bridal jewellery headpiece

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vintage bridal jewellery vintage sash

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vintage bridal jewellery gold headpiece

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bridal jewellery vintage style bracelet

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vintage bridal jewellery gold teardrop earrings

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Posted by Vanessa Roberts