What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

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Whether you are just daydreaming about your perfect engagement ring or you are already wearing one, the design actually reveals your personality and says a lot about your style. Is it a solitaire diamond or a coloured stone? Do you prefer a shiny new piece or a rare vintage find? Here are some of the hidden meanings behind most cherished ring designs!

Classic Round Diamond

If you are a prong-set solitaire kind of girl, then you are mature, responsible, reliable and ready to start married life. Your idea of romance is inspired by history and tradition which is why you don’t stop until you find a real prince charming. You have always wanted to be a classic bride in a voluminous white gown? The classic diamond ring is the only one that complements the dress you had in mind! Since round shape provides more sparkle than any other ring, you probably love high end glamour, couture quality and top-notch accessories. But despite your expensive taste, you can still find pleasure in simple things.

Square-Shaped Sparkler

You prefer tradition with a modern twist! From clothes and jewellery to furniture and cars, everything you choose has to be a perfect mix of classic elegance and cutting edge design. You have a unique taste and you don’t like things everyone else is buying, but you don’t like standing out from the crowd too much either. And yes, you are dreaming of a traditional wedding, but you will add your own personal stamp to the event make your wedding day look glam and a little bit unexpected.   

Pear-Shaped Diamond

Resembling a pear or a teardrop, this diamond can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, allowing you more options than the classic shapes. This shape is usually the ultimate choice for a woman who wants to sport a classic diamond, but prefers a non-traditional shape that isn’t popular among other brides. You are a little bit rebellious and love doing things your way which is why your wedding has to be utterly glam and different from all others.

Heart-Shaped Ring

You live and breathe love! You are romantic and sophisticated, but also sensitive and fragile. You are literally wearing your heart on your sleeve the world looks like a fairy-tale through your pink glasses.  The wedding of your dreams is a lavish affair in a beautiful castle and it involves a horse-drawn carriage, a puffed white gown and a gigantic white wedding cake!

Halo Setting

If you love the halo setting then you are a very feminine and emotional but also a pragmatic woman ready to make compromises to achieve your life goals. The stone itself doesn’t have to be large if you have this type of setting because it is lined with a halo of miniature diamonds that shine beautifully and make your sparkler seem bigger than it actually is. You love everything that shines, but you are not too spoiled and you are standing with your two feet on the ground.  

Coloured Stone

Diamonds and other precious gems come in a rainbow of shades, and brides who prefer coloured stones are usually creative, quirky, sociable and outgoing. If you prefer pink, then you are undeniably feminine and girly. Blue is for incurable romantics, green is for nature-lovers, red is for passionate souls, purple is for mystics and yellow is much loved by people who have strong imagination. You are also sociable, outgoing and love being surrounded by your trusted army of friends.

Black Diamond

Black diamond is reserved for creative rebels who want to turn the world upside down. If this is your favourite gemstone, then you may also be a tomboy bride who likes to do everything differently. Or perhaps you are just a fashionista who loves making bold statements with clothes and jewellery. Your dream wedding has to be extravagant from start to finish!

Vintage Ring

You are a nostalgic dreamer who seeks inspiration in the ever-so-romantic and colourful bygone eras such as Victorian times or the roaring twenties. You are in love with things that have a sentimental value which is why you’d rather wear preloved piece than a brand new sparkly diamond. Your engagement ring is there to tell a story and you are brave enough to sport a vintage design from Larsen Jewellery paired with something utterly modern. Your fashion choices are often daring and eccentric, but always with a touch of romance!



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