Why Bespoke Wedding Dresses Are The Ultimate Addition To Any Formal Wardrobe


A beautifully made wedding gown is every brides's best friend. It shows her inner personality and will be admired by everyone for many years to come. But with a cheaply made gown, it's almost impossible to feel the heightened sense of joy that comes with wearing a wedding dress, and it's even less likely that it'll live up to the expectations you had for your big day.


In the age of mass-produced dresses, we can simply scroll few a few pictures and have one delivered to us. But the true essence of the craft still lies in bespoke bridal dresses. These hand-crafted pieces always stand the test of time and let's face it - they look absolutely stunning!


If you're shopping for a wedding dress, then it's time to consider having it made by professional bespoke tailors. And if you’re still not sure, here is a quick rundown of why a bespoke dress is a great idea for all brides.


Decide with ease

Shopping online is anything but fast. You are glued to your phone, shopping across multiple sites and various social media feeds, and it's still so hard to find the perfect dress! But when it comes to bespoke dresses it's actually a lot easier. You simply select a fabric, choose your favourite design, add any personalised touches if necessary, and the dress is ready! This takes out the hassle of shopping and you're likely to get an even better wedding dress than you could have imagined. Plus, if you've left it too late, then trusting a bespoke tailor is a much better option than an unknown website. (When all said and done, shopping for a wedding dress online should be your last choice.)


Built to last

Bespoke dresses are not only some of the finest garments available, they are crafted to last a lifetime. Once you buy a bespoke dress you can expect it to outlast most of your factory-made gowns. Each stitch of a bespoke dress is made with absolute professionalism and the fabric is likely to be finer than anything found in a factory. So, while at first it may seem as if you are spending more money, if you plan to wear the formal dress again, you will actually end up saving money. With bespoke tailoring, you'll have a high-end dress that will last for decades, which you may even be able to pass on to future generations. Because bespoke fabric is crafted through age-old processes and mixed with modern technology they produce wonderful results.


The fit

Nothing is worse than a shabby dress. A dress can hang off your body or be fitted to perfection. Unlike a pair of jeans which can be of any style and still look good, a formal dress needs to be PERFECT. So, when it comes to a gown, even a slight disproportion to your body shape can throw off the entire look. Needless to say, when you have a hand-tailored bespoke dress that is made exactly to your body’s specifications, every fold and crease will be shaped to your body with precision.

Bespoke gowns allow you to choose any style and you'll be able to wear it knowing that the style is matching you, and not the other way round. For a Carrie Bradshaw moment, you can even throw a stylish leather jacket over your shoulders with any bespoke gown. 


Endless personalisation 

Is there a certain style or cut you love but you can’t find it anywhere on the internet? Never settle for a cheap knock-off as this will only ruin your style completely. With bespoke tailors, you can give then reference designs to work on and have the design tailored to exactly what your imagination allows. So, now that you know why bespoke wedding dresses are a cut above store-bought dresses, it is time to get your own. To start, do some basic research on the fabric and design you're after. From there, assess what is most likely to suit your shape and occasion and refine your idea further. Lastly, consider your budget. Equipped with this information, you're ready to embark on your own Bespoke tailored wedding dress or formal dress for any stylish occasion. 


Posted by Vanessa Roberts