How to Get Your Kids Excited About A Wedding

Sure, your wedding will primarily be about you and your partner. But you two are not the only important people at the wedding - especially if you already have children.

When you’re inviting guests to spend time with you, it’s important that they’re made to feel valued and welcome. And this will be especially important if you have children of your own. Kids will react to the big day in one way or another - it’s up to you to ensure that they do so in a positive way.

By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that they’re excited about the big day from beginning to end.

Get Them Involved From The Start

You’ll want to tell your children about the wedding as soon as possible. Once the decision has been made to get hitched, you can begin to think about how and where you’ll tell them.

While you’ll hope that they’ll be instantly excited about the news, you should accept that they may have a negative reaction at the beginning, especially if they aren't little any more. They’ll come around once they’ve had time to think things over and when they hear about the awesome party you’ll be throwing - and in which they will have a starring role!

Include Them In Making Decisions

Everyone’s more excited about something when it feels like they’ve got a say in the decision-making process. While there’ll be some matters that you can’t involve your children in, there’ll be plenty of things that they can help with.

For example, what about tasting cake samples to see which one you’ll have on your big day? That’s something that your kids would love for sure. A few other ideas include asking them what songs they would like to hear at the party and asking them to help make some table decorations. They’ll have a great time.

Make Sure They Look Great

If your child has never been to a wedding before, then they may not be aware of the most fun elements of a big wedding day: the dressing up part! It won’t just be you that’s getting dressed to the nines and looking their absolute best - they will, too!

Nothing will get your child more excited to attend a wedding than a girls white dress or dapper boys suit. Be sure to make the outfit-buying process an event. They’ll love spending a fun day trying on different dresses or suits!

Involve Them In The Ceremony

So far, all the pieces of advice have been for before the wedding. But what about on the big day itself ? There are plenty of things that they could do that’ll have them loving the occasion. For example, could you assign them a job at the ceremony? They could read a poem, escort you down the aisle, or be in charge of the wedding rings. 

Give A Special Present

Finally, be sure to give them a special present on the big day. The occasion is largely about you, sure, but your kids will want to be involved as much as possible. And there’s no nicer way to honour them than by giving them something special to say thank you. 

Posted by Vanessa Roberts