Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

When it comes to finalising your wedding day to-do list, have you thought about what gifts you will get your bridesmaids? If not, then keep reading for a dose of inspiration!

Although you and your partner will be at the centre of the gifting, you will want to show a little appreciation for your bridesmaids. No matter who your bridesmaids are, here are some ideas for gifts that they will all love.


Every bridesmaid will appreciate jewellery. They will likely want to accessorise their wedding day outfit, which can be easily achieved if you gift them an item or two. You can find gorgeous jewellery pieces online at Opals Australia to suit any preference. Your bridesmaid can appreciate the beautiful stones in a variety of items from bracelets to necklaces. 

Makeup palettes

If you are treating your bridesmaids to wedding day makeup, then why not use a signature palette and gift them a personalised one after? It is a beautiful gift and a great way for your bridesmaids to recreate the look at home in their own time. You could personalise the palette with the names and the date of your wedding so that they can remember it forever.

Monogrammed cosmetics bag

And while we're on theme of makeup, a monogrammed cosmetics bag is a great gift for anyone who loves travelling with lots of beauty items. Save your bridesmaids the hassle of ever having to juggle their favourite beauty bits and pieces across several bags. Instead, give them something beautiful to put all of their beauty items in. 

A clutch 

To style up any bridesmaids outfit, you could always gift them a stunning clutch. A clutch that is personalised and matching to the outfit is ideal for the wedding, but most of the time, the bridesmaids can use it again after. 

To customise the gift idea, consider choosing a different clutch for each person according to their taste and style. As long as it coordinates with the wedding outfit, you're good to go. 

A personal scent

The perfect final touch to any outfit is a signature scent. You can make your bridesmaids feel even more beautiful and appreciated with the gift of a specific fragrance. Rather than simply selecting a random perfume off the shelf, why not consider matching their scent to their personality through a perfume profiling service? This is sure to make any woman feel special and appreciated.

Personalised shawls

To keep your bridesmaids warm during a chilly evening reception, gift them with a shawl. Not just any shawl, but a personalised shawl that has their initials or name stitched onto it. A shawl is not only a great gift idea they can use on the wedding day, it will be practical for much time to come.

Offering these beautiful gifts to your bridesmaids on the big day will make them feel appreciated and also gives them something to take home to remember the occasion. 

Posted by Vanessa Roberts