5 Criteria For Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

how to buy an engegement ring in sydney


So you've decided to marry the love of your life - congrats! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in most people's lives, it's a huge step and only the start of bigger things to come. But with it comes a slew of big decisions such as choosing the perfect engagement ring. If you're looking to get engaged, buying an engagement ring can be a stressful process if you don't know what to look for.

Here we explain the key things to consider when you're shopping for an engagement ring in Sydney...


#1 - Tastes

Before even starting your research, you should know your partner's tastes. Is it classic, vintage, modern? Take an interest in what she's looking at in magazines or on the Internet, as it will give you the biggest clue. Another tip: why not ask her best friend for advice? This one can certainly point you in the right direction as marriage is often a popular topic of conversation between girls! Another way to get an overview of the different types and styles of rings available is to hit up your local trusted jeweller. 


A firm favourite amongst the ladies is rings in the style of Dracakis Engagement Rings. With their various designs and crafted-to-perfection selection of diamond rings, there’s sure to be one that would suit the taste of your partner.



#2 - Lifestyle

If your partner works a lot with her hands, such as a chef or a nurse, avoid choosing a raised stone ring since it can get caught on things easily. In addition, if your partner is sporty and works out at the gym, choose a simple design with a plain band for better longevity. In contrast, a more feminine person or a person with a typical office job will find it easier to wear a ring with lots of detail and depth.


This type of ring would surely complement their well-put-together office attire. 

Some may forget that the ring would have to match your partner’s lifestyle for the rest of their lives as they would surely like to show it off whenever they have the chance. If the ring doesn’t work well with their career or lifestyle choices, there’s a possibility that they have to remove the ring while going about their daily activities.



#3 - The Choice of Metal 

The most frequently chosen metal for the engagement ring is gold. Depending on your partner's tastes, you can choose from 3 colours; white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. With a luxe, vintage feel to it, rose gold has seen a surge in popularity recently. The generally recommended gold purity is 14KT (Karat) for yellow gold and rose gold. To achieve an optimal shade of white, the recommended purity for a white gold ring is 19KT. Warning: an urban legend dictates that the greater the number of Karat, the softer the metal. It's wrong! The Karat number is strictly a measure of the purity of the metal, which is used to determine the number of particles of gold fused with 1 or 2 alloys.

Platinum is also a coveted metal due to its silvery colour and hardness. However, be aware that it is more expensive than gold.

Although the pureness of the metal would determine the monetary value of the ring, the colour and aesthetics of the ring would be what your partner (and others) would notice. As long as your partner is in favour of these aspects, you can be sure of the happiness and satisfaction of your other half.


#4 - The 4 C's

Although coloured stones, such as sapphire, emerald, or morganite, have gained popularity lately, the traditional gemstone for the engagement ring remains the diamond. There are 4 important criteria, called" The 4 C's" in English, that determine the value of a diamond.


First, the "Cut', which is the quality of the cut. The better the cut, the more light will be reflected like a mirror in the diamond and the brighter the diamond. The diamond can be cut in several different ways, the most popular being the round shape and the princess shape.


Then comes the "Colour." The colour scale marks diamonds with letters from D to Z, from colourless to vivid yellow. Colours from D to I are the most recommended for achieving the classic sought-after look of white diamond.


Purity, or "Clarity," is measured by the inclusions in the diamond. Indeed, a diamond without any inclusion will be declared FL for "Flawless," which is the highest level of purity and, therefore, of very great value. For an average budget, a purity between SI1 and I1 is recommended.


Finally, the weight, or the "Carats." The one carat diamond is the most popular choice for an engagement ring in Sydney, given it's feeling of 'completeness' as a number. But be prepared to pay more for this exact sizing - you may even find that a one carat diamond is more expensive than a larger stone!


#5 - The Budget

Set a budget to respect and prioritize the criteria that are most important to you. For example, if you know that your partner has always dreamed of a large diamond, let your jeweler know. The latter can then offer you different options, with a lower metal purity or an average quality diamond color, while respecting your budget.

This doesn’t mean that the ring will have less sentimental value, only that it would suit your financial situation in the long term. A ring is a symbol of never-ending love, and one shouldn’t be blind to that. Don’t start your union off with a large bill from the jewellery store, but rather keep it within your means.

In the end, the engagement ring should reflect the person to whom you are giving it. By taking into account the five criteria presented here, the loved one will certainly be charmed!




Posted by Vanessa Roberts