Top 3 Bridal Accessories for Your Big Day

Your wedding day is drawing nearer, and you cannot help but double-check everything so that nothing goes wrong. With all of the main items ticked off on the list, make sure that you don't forget your bridal accessories! Keep track of everything you need – your engagement ring (we know you already have this one!), shoes, bridal headpiece / veil, garter (in case you are planning a garter toss), shapewear, and of course - all the finishing touches like earrings, a bracelet and a necklace. And if you're looking for something specific, you might want to check out the ruby rings at PurpleMay Jewellery Australia.

Read on for tips to choosing the best bridal accessories to go with your dress.


#1 - Wedding Shoes

Once you have selected your wedding dress, the wedding shoes are next in terms of the essential wedding accessories for the big day. Whether you want to go with something comfortable like flats or cool sneakers, or you envision yourself in stiletto heels, it's a personal choice.

While selecting the perfect wedding shoes, you'll need to consider the type of setting for the venue as well as your own personal comfort. Suppose the venue is at the beach. You won’t be able to walk on the sand with high heels, clearly! In that case, you will want to stick with flat sandals or wedges.

#2 - Hair Accessories

When it comes to styling your hair for your wedding there are countless options to choose from. Firstly, do you want to go for a formal look, or something low-key, or something in between? Depending on this, it's time to select your hair accessories.

If you're following tradition, you might opt to go for a veil. Here, you can choose between a long veil and a short blusher. Or, if you're going veil-free you may want to choose another hair accessory option that will complement your look on your special day.

Wearing fresh flowers is a beautiful option, as are any of the glamorous bridal headpieces like bridal hair clips, bridal combs, crystal hairpins from our collection.

#3 - Jewellery

While the most obvious accessory on your big wedding day will be your engagement ring and your wedding ring, in terms of other jewellery, there are a few extra pieces to choose to style up your wedding dress. 

For instance, if you're wearing a strapless gown, you could opt for a necklace, which will look stunning. Or, if you have a detailed/ embellished neckline, maybe a simple short drop bridal earring would be better. The best advice that you can take is to choose key pieces of jewellery that enhance your look, not drown it. Two or three carefully selected jewellery pieces will be the right amount to create the perfect wedding look.

And don't forget, if you aren’t a big fan of sparkle, but want to wear some extra jewellery pieces, you can always go for pearls. For a classic and elegant look, pearls are perfect whether incorporated into a pair of earrings or a classic strand to wear around your neck.


Posted by Vanessa Roberts