How To Make Your Wedding Jewellery Stand Out In Photographs

These days, all brides and grooms include a wedding photographer as part of their wedding day planning. The photographer - will of course - help you capture the most important parts of the day. Let's face it, you've invited all of your family and friends, invested lots of emotions, and spent up big, so you need photographs to reflect it. You want the memories of this momentous day to last forever!

One thing many couples want to feature in their wedding photos is their wedding jewellery. The bride’s engagement ring, earrings, necklace, hair pieces and, of course, the wedding bands for both people, are definitely worth highlighting! These beautiful pieces are a heavy investment to make, so you don’t want them simply blending into the background of the photographs.

In this post you’ll find five practical tips for making your wedding jewellery stand out in your wedding pictures. Let’s get started.

1 - Make sure you have bright natural light for your wedding pictures.

Your wedding photos will be different depending on the season, the weather on the day, and the location in which you choose to get married. There will be natural sunlight no matter where you are, but the brighter the light, the more your rings and other jewellery will stand out.

Whether your jewellery is traditional diamond or a coloured gemstone that brings out different hues depending on the light, bright sunlight will compliment your jewellery. No matter the size, shape or colour, the best way to make your jewellery stand out in photographs is to let them sparkle!

2 - Hire a photographer who regularly works with brides.

The photographer you choose will inevitably have a huge impact on the quality and style of photographs you receive after your wedding day. Everything, from the experience of the photographer right down to the quality of equipment they use, matters.

When planning your wedding and having your jewellery in mind, you should hire a photographer who regularly works with brides. Experience photographing for jewellery brands is also ideal, but you can’t be too picky - not every wedding photographer has jewellery-specific experience. 

By hiring a photographer who knows how important your wedding jewellery needs to be in your photos, you can trust that they will find ways to incorporate the jewellery into your pictures! Visit this website for more information on finding a wedding photographer you can trust.

3 - Make the jewellery a central focal point in some shots.

Although your wedding photographs will largely consist of you and your spouse’s faces, and your family members and other guests, there should be a few shots where the jewellery is the focal point. Centering your engagement ring, wedding bands, and even other jewellery in a couple of dedicated photographs will ensure your beautiful ensemble is captured perfectly. 

Discuss this idea with your wedding photographer - try to make it clear that you want your jewellery to be a focal point! You could set the jewellery against the backdrop of your wedding dress, against your spouse’s suit, or against elements of the venue that will compliment the jewellery nicely.

4 - Get ready for your close-ups!

If you aren’t a big fan of getting your photograph taken, you might not quite feel mentally prepared for your wedding day. All eyes will be on you - in the most loving way, of course! - so you need to prepare for having the camera lens on you during close-up shots. 

Especially if you want to highlight details of your attire, such as your diamond ring or whole jewellery ensemble, you need to get ready for your close-up! Try to relax and enjoy the moment while the photographer snaps away doing what they do best. 

5 - Choose a setting that compliments your jewellery.

Your wedding venue will contain many beautiful settings that are perfect for pictures. When you choose your wedding venue, you should have the photographs in mind: try to imagine yourselves there, in your full attire, being snapped on the happiest day of your lives. 

When you are highlighting your jewellery in your wedding photographs, think about the colours and backdrops that might compliment the jewellery best. For example, being photographed against a green field or a blue sky might bring the dimensions of your wedding jewellery to life in a really beautiful way. 

Similarly, think about the colour scheme of your wedding: will you opt for neutral tones, or have a more stand-out, colourful ceremony? This, too, will dictate how your jewellery shows up in the photographs.

Final thoughts…

If you love your wedding jewellery and want to make it a focal point in your professional wedding photographs, use this step by step guide to make it happen!


Posted by Vanessa Roberts