How To Personalise Your Wedding In The Best Way


Every wedding is unique in its own way, but there will no doubt be lots of elements that are very similar to other weddings, whether you intend for this to happen or not!

If you really want to make your big day stand out, there are many ways you can personalise it so that it's as "you" as it can be, and so that your guests will always remember the wonderful time they had at your wedding.

With that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can personalise your wedding to make it utterly unique and very special. 


Wear A Colourful Dress 

When you think of a wedding dress, what comes to mind? Something white, or ivory? Something long and flowing...something traditional? Well, these days there really is no reason why you need to stick with expected and traditional ideas if you don't want to.

Instead, why not wear something that truly reflects your personality or incorporates colour? A coloured wedding dress will always be remembered much more than a white one, no matter how beautiful it is. Likewise, a chic tuxedo or two-piece ensemble be remembered more than an off-the-rack meringue.

And if you do eschew a traditional gown, don’t forget to choose something just as interesting for your bridesmaid dresses. If your outfit is non-traditional, make their outfits non-traditional too. If not, the overall vibe of the bridal party mightn't work very well. Try to co-ordinate each part of the party while catering to the personalities of those included as much as possible.

Make sure suits are organised for the groom and groomsmen months in advance. Choose quality tailored made suits as opposed to off-the-rack suits for that perfect fit. Another benefit is that every detail can be personalised.


Don’t Have A Wedding Car 

Traditionally, the bride and her father will arrive at the wedding venue in a classic car or a limousine or similar. After the ceremony, that car will take the newlywed couple to their reception venue or to their hotel, or even to the airport for their honeymoon. The wedding car is extremely symbolic, showing that the bride has left her family to be with her new spouse. 

If this doesn’t sit well with your vision for your wedding, and the idea of a "wedding car" isn’t something that appeals but you still need transport of some sort, there are plenty of alternatives. You can enjoy the novelty of a horse and cart, or motorcycles. Or, if you're in a rural setting, then why not a tractor, a bus, or a horse!  

Create Your Own Rings 

So far we have discussed some aspects of your wedding you can personalise that other people will notice, but of course there are far more personal ways you can individualise your wedding that only the two of you will know... So - why not create your own rings? 

Not only is the act of designing and making your own rings much more interesting than buying a matching pair of gold bands from a store, it’s also incredibly romantic. Furthermore, you can continue the tradition and do it together for future milestones, perhaps on special occasions like a birthdays or anniversaries. 

There are websites that allow you to design a ring from the beginning, but you can also make an appointment to see a jeweller who can guide you through the process. Or better yet, book each other into a jewellery-making course and literally make your own rings from scratch? You can’t get much more beautiful and unique than that. 


Posted by Vanessa Roberts