How To Be A Successful Marriage Celebrant

marriage celebrant


One of the fastest-growing industries in Australia is marriage celebrancy. Just a year after the same-sex marriage bill passed, 6,000 couples had already tied the knot. This sharp increase in non-religious weddings has created a huge demand for civil celebrants. If you're looking for a wedding-related career that will help you make an impact on people's lives then marriage celebrancy might for you.


Here are a few tips to help you become a successful marriage celebrant.


#1 - Determine Your Target Market

Before you start business, it's important to determine the type of couple you are interested in working with. Identifying a target market can help you fine-tune your marketing efforts which can lead to more cost-effectiveness. Again, concentrating on a certain niche can make it easier for you to make a name for yourself.

When determining your target market, you must be sure that you can adequately serve the needs of your customers. For example, if you decide that you want to work with same-sex couples, then you need to be fully comfortable with this demographic. And furthermore, you'll need to be fully up-to-date with the issues surrounding same-sex marriages.


#2 - Work on Your People skills

Marriage celebrancy is a job that requires a great deal of interpersonal skills because everything you do revolves around working with people. From holding one on one sessions with couples to liaising with other service providers, you must be able to communicate well with others.

If being charismatic is the least of your traits, you might not make a good celebrant. But all is not lost because interpersonal skills can be learned. It is never too late to start trying to be a good listener or being more empathetic.


#3 - Get the Right Training

Of course, you must have a deep understanding of the type of ceremony you are officiating. For example, if the ceremony will be an indigenous wedding, you must have a good grasp of the intricacies involved. You must also, of course, know how to plan and perform a wedding ceremony and understand the legislative responsibilities of a celebrant.

In Australia, a marriage can only be legally recognised if it is conducted by a commonwealth registered marriage celebrant. This requires a certificate IV celebrancy course and a practising license from the office of the attorney general.


#4 - Learn From Others

The truth is that you cannot learn everything in class. If you want to become truly knowledgeable in celebrancy, you must always be in pursuit of learning opportunities. There is no better way to learn than to associate with people who have been in the industry. As such, network with other more experienced celebrants and reach out to others for mentorship.

This will allow you to learn from their processes, styles and way of doing things. Networking can also help you get referral clients.


#5 - Create a Business Plan

Many people make the mistake of thinking that business plans are only necessary when large businesses are involved. Nothing can be further from the truth. A business plan is a must-have document for any type of business no matter how small.

This document will help you to set goals and find ways to attain them. It will also make your values clearer and spell out your expectations. Down the line, it can be used as a reference point to see how well you are faring.


#6 - Offer Great Customer Service

The way you treat a customer at the first point of contact determines whether they will be interested in doing business with you or not. Experts have called customer service the “new sales engine” for a reason. 75% of Australian consumers admit that good customer service will influence their buying behaviour according to a recent study.

This means that you must be courteous when taking calls and must respond to queries in a timely manner. While customer service is important, customer experience is equally important. Your goal should be to offer the best services possible to every client that decides to trust you with the most important day of their lives.

At the end of the day, it is your skills and effort that will determine how successful you will be. To stand out from the many others who are offering the same services, focus your efforts on creating a strong brand that is authentic and personable.



Posted by Vanessa Roberts