Wedding Jewellery Do's & Dont's

wedding jewellery advice

If the wedding gown makes the wedding, then we say the wedding jewellery makes the gown.

It's only natural that getting married throws a curve ball or two at the bride to be. It's not as if many women make a habit of getting married, meaning that when that Big Day rolls around, it's filled with many "firsts". And doing something the first time means figuring things out from scratch (and making mistakes).

Over the years, we've seen our fair share of matrimonial mistakes and wedding wonders. But the good news is, the mistakes can be avoided when you equip yourself with a few tips and tricks we're going to pass on to you here.

When it comes to wedding jewellery, we've compiled our top Dos and Don'ts below.

1. DO mix borrowed jewellery with new wedding jewellery.

Long gone are the days where everything had to match perfectly and be completely brand new.  Boring! To look coordinated and stylish, all you need to do is express your style in a cohesive way. Whether old or new, concentrate on coordinating the finish of your jewellery pieces but feel free to mix and match. As long as the general theme and feel echo the same tone, it'll work. This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your "something borrowed" with a new piece. You can incorporate an heirloom vintage brooch or your sister's favourite bracelet and remain true to your style.

‚Äč2. DO try to purchase your headpiece and earrings together.

If you're wearing a wedding headpiece, it's ideal to buy this and your bridal earrings together. But if not, then make sure you use your headpiece as a reference when selecting the rest of your wedding jewellery - especially earrings. You'll need to consider proportion and the finish of the embellishments, not only against your face, but also against the line and style of your gown. The goal is to enhance your look, not add competition.

3. You DON'T always need to wear a necklace

It may feel like the "proper" thing to do, but brides nowadays are foregoing a necklace in lieu of the perfect pair of bridal earrings and a bridal headpiece. Unless you REALLY want to wear a bridal necklace, or you have one of personal significance, then skip it!  This is especially true if you happen to have a one-shoulder wedding dress, or a dress with a heavily embellished / feature neckline.

4. DON'T wear a watch.

Sure, the wedding schedule may be timed down the last second, but that needn't bother you! This is YOUR day, so skip the watch and let everyone else worry about the timing. Not convinced? Think of all the close-up photographs of your hands - at the altar, with the bouquet, your wedding bands ... we couldn't think of anything more inappropriate than wearing a watch. Stick with your suite of wedding jewellery and choose a beautiful bracelet instead.

5. DON'T stress about matching your wedding jewellery to your engagement ring 

Again, it's not important to get matchy-matchy down to the last detail. Your engagement ring and wedding band are in a league of their own, and transcend the particulars of what style of dress you have chosen, or what bridal headpiece may have caught your eye that day. Instead, what you should think about is your skin tone, the colour of your gown, and your wedding vision.

6. DO give yourself enough time!

Wedding jewellery is all too often lumped into the lower rungs of a brides's To-Do list, as other demands like finding a hair and makeup artist, shoes, and bridesmaids attire all seem to take over.  Yet, wedding jewellery is such a critical part of pulling together your look. Start shopping for wedding jewellery at least 3 months before the wedding. This way, you'll have time to shop carefully, wait for specials, take it to your dress fitting and make any necessary exchanges.

7. DON'T ignore your personal style.

As the wedding is the reflection of you and your partner, this isn't the day to try something wacky in terms of your attire. Try to avoid jumping onto bridal trends, and instead stick to your personal style. When it comes to wedding jewellery, the most timeless and universally flattering options are those classic and elegant pieces that make you look and feel like a million dollars.

8. DO buy quality materials.

Every bride has a budget, but your wedding day is not the time to go cheap on wedding jewellery. While we definitely advocate for smart shopping and trying to buy on sale, that doesn't mean to buy low quality items with a very limited shelf life. Instead, know what materials and finishes lare the highest quality (check out our post over here), and buy wisely. Choose quality pieces you can wear again and maybe even pass on to your daughter someday.

9. DO wear your wedding jewellery after the wedding.

Unlike nearly everything else you'll buy for your wedding, your wedding jewellery is generally something you can wear on multiple occasions after the big day has passed: your honeymoon, anniversary, formal events.. And depending on the style and size of the items, you may even be able to wear it for an every day look.

10. DON'T wear hook-style earrings.

If you want to look polished and expensive, then give wire hook bridal earrings the heave-ho. Just say NO. Unfortunately, earrings made with a hook look a little too handmade for a sophisticated wedding ensemble, and there are more upmarket options out there.

11. DO update your wedding jewellery for the reception.

If you've chosen classic and conservative wedding jewellery for the formalities, then why not up the ante for the party by switching into a pair of amazing statement bridal earrings instead? This will not only completely change your look, it'll change your mood and indicate to all of your guests that the party is starting.

If you need help to find the perfect wedding jewellery for your wedding, contact us! We would love to help.

Posted by Vanessa Roberts