Should These Modern Style Trends Disappear?

Everyone has an opinion on what's stylish this year, but what are some modern style trends that you wish would go away? The items on your hit list might be pieces that don't work with your body type or lifestyle, or perhaps they're just not your style.

However, there are some universally loathed looks that many people wish would go out of style! We've rounded up the modern style trends that could be out of fashion sooner than you know it. 

Ripped Look

The ripped or distressed look has been incredibly popular for several years now. Whilst designers all around the world have built entire lines around this so-called 'aesthetic', the look seems to be losing its appeal. Not only do ripped garments look tired, but often also don't fit correctly. The technique used to create the rips doesn't account for natural wear and tear, so these garments can look fake and sloppy quickly.


Second on our list is the waning popularity of leggings as pants. Sure, they might be comfortable and practical, but they're not so stylish. Skinny jeans are an acceptable alternative but these too are downward trending and they do not present the comfort of a traditional legging.

Leggings are best reserved for lounging around the house or hitting up a yoga class rather than going out to socialise - or god forbid, wear to work.

High Heels

Many women believed that to be fashionable and stylish, they must wear teetering heels as often as possible, preferably 24/7.  However, these days, heels are becoming seen as an outdated shoe type of yesteryear. With the rise of comfort dressing (thanks COVID), it's now perfectly acceptable to wear flats, sandals and sneakers to almost any setting. 

Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters not only make you look bigger, they also don't flatter most body types. While it's easy to see the appeal of oversized sweaters - they're comfortable and hide a multitude of sins, if you are going to wear one, you need to do so with a few tips in mind. For instance, team an oversized sweater with a narrow leg jean or a bike short. Try to avoid wearing a baggy top with a baggy bottom.

Adventure Wear

There's a fine line between adventurous and just plain dull. While it might be fun to wear a puffer vest in the middle of winter, avoid wearing that North Face vest at any opportunity. There are better ways of building a wardrobe around the "adventure style" trend. For instance, Moto Est's awesome motorbike clothes are on point.

The Flare

Remember when bell bottoms were all the rage? It seems that the 70s are back with a vengeance, but this time they've moved on from ruffled blouses and polyester everything. Flared jeans and pants recently popped up in stores everywhere, but again, this clothing style needs to be adopted with a degree of caution. 


Finally, over-accessorising is something that needs to die out. While a few carefully chosen jewellery items compliment an outfit, too much and you risk looking incredibly out of date. We're looking at you, 2006. Layering on those necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts and rings not only draws attention away from the clothes themselves, it just looks downright tacky.

Posted by Vanessa Roberts