Style Advice: What Every Bride Needs To Consider


We might be biased, but we think that bridal jewellery can transform your wedding outfit into something unique and spectacular. So when planning your big day, don't leave planning your bridal jewellery to the very last minute.

While much of your care attention will be divided on the other important elements of the day, your wedding jewellery will be immortalised in photography (and your memory) for many years to come. So, don't chance it!

We've put together a guide to help you pick the perfect bridal jewellery pieces for your big day.


Choose your dress first!

It might sound obvious, but you really DO need to select your dress before thinking about anything else. Many brides discover that the dress they end up with is nothing like what they imagined, so it's wise to hold off on selecting your bridal jewellery until after, when you know the style and finish of your gown.


For instance, you may regret buying a statement necklace if you later decide on a wedding dress with a feature neckline. Ouch.


Be a little understated

Once you've found your dream dress, you'll be excited to start shopping for all the finishing touches to go with it. Bridal jewellery should compliment your gown, not compete with it, so choosing wedding accessories that are slightly understated is the way to go. Unless of course your dress is purposefully plain, in which case - accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!


It's also important to consider how you may look in photos: hands feature heavily in wedding day photography, so beautiful bracelet would be a good idea for many brides. Elegant drop earrings are a great idea to make the most of an open neckline or up-style. And hair pieces are generally featured during portraits and close-ups.


We suggest that brides err to the side of accessorising with timeless classics to ensure their bridal style will always look fashionable and chic, and stand the test of time. Thankfully, our collection is based around the idea of The Classic Bride, so you will be spoiled for choice when you browse our range for the perfect finishing touches for your ensemble.


Consider your skin tone

While different types of metals come and go, don't fall prey to trends just because you want to keep up with everybody else. Not all metal colours suit all skin types, so consider what suits it best. Different skin tones lend themselves to either gold or silver jewellery, and the same applies to gemstones. Take the time to try different options against your skin, and photograph how each one looks so you can objectively assess their appearance later.


Dare to be colourful

It's easy to fall into a monotone mindset when piecing together our wedding day ensembles. But there's no need to keep everything a shade of ivory, silver or gold. Adding a pop of colour with bridal jewellery is a subtle way to liven up a classic neutral colour palette. Perhaps you can swap a simple pearl stud for a coloured Swarovski Crystal drop? Or you could matching the coloured stone in your engagement ring to detail in the wedding?Matching your jewellery to details in the wedding, such as a shade in the bridesmaid bouquets or the table pieces, is a sophisticated way of tying your theme together.


No need for 100% matchy-matchy

You'll be relieved to learn that not everything has to be 100% matchy-matchy these days. Of course you don't want to clash themes and colours, but a beautiful heirloom piece, borrowed or gifted from a relative, could look wonderful alongside a contemporary classic. And if you have a favourite pair of pearl earrings that always make you feel your best, there's no reason not to wear them even if they're not new. Piecing your wedding day look together from old and new, gifted and borrowed is a nice way to weave together an ensemble that is unique and YOU.

Think about the future

Though your wedding dress may not get another chance to shine, your bridal jewellery should be something you can return to again and again. So be sure to choose enduring, timeless pieces which will look stylish and glamorous with any outfit – on honeymoon, on birthdays and anniversaries – or even everyday occasions. Choosing jewellery that is versatile and wearable after the big day is also a smart way to make the most of your budget.


Posted by Vanessa Roberts