Wedding Day To-Do List: Have You Prepared for Your First Dance?

wedding to do list

Let’s set the scene. You’re busy preparing for your big day, and you’ve got a ton of things to do before you feel satisfied that everything is ready. Your mind is undoubtedly on things like bridesmaid dresses, venue preparation, the wedding cake, and organising your honeymoon.

But, one thing you may not have done is put any thought into your first dance with your new spouse! For some people, dancing in front of their wedding guests can seem like a terrifying thought. Don’t worry because you aren’t alone!


Let’s face it: most couples have virtually zero experience of dancing, especially ballroom dancing, prior to their wedding day. With that in mind, here’s how you can prepare for one of the most important aspects of your big day -  the first dance:

Get Some Dancing Lessons

If your dancing experience is somewhat limited, it can make sense to invest in some dance lessons well before the big day. Having some professional tuition in the fundamental basics of dancing will give you the right foundations to make your first dance a successful one.

Sure, you could spend some time studying dance moves and styles from YouTube videos. The thing is, YouTube can’t give you ‘live’ advice and support if you mimic those moves and techniques but fail in certain aspects.

Plus, a professional dance teacher will give you some time-saving tips and tricks that will work well on the dance floor at your wedding reception. Again, that’s not something you’d necessarily get from watching a ton of YouTube videos.

Choose an Wedding-Appropriate First Song

In years to come, one of the things you’ll remember about your wedding day won’t just be when you exchanged vows or even your first dance, but the song you and your future spouse danced to during your first dance.

It pays to draw up a shortlist of songs that both of you like and feel will be appropriate for your wedding and the first dance. Tip: avoid songs like Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” if you don’t want your first song to be memorable for the wrong reasons!

Remember that your first song shouldn’t just have a catchy tune; it should also have wedding-appropriate lyrics as well. Are you stuck for inspiration? Check out this list of the 40 best first dance songs over at the Harpers Bazaar website.

Learn How to Control Mistakes

Your first dance should be something that is fun and memorable for the right reasons. It might seem like there’s a lot of pressure to execute your dance moves correctly, but you should remember this isn’t a dance contest.

If you make any mistakes during your first dance, you mustn’t have a meltdown on the dancefloor. Instead, smile, stay calm, and carry on! Even professional dancers with years of experience make mistakes on the dancefloor.

Your guests are unlikely to notice if you make any mistakes because they are enjoying their time on your happy day. So, don’t feel like your world is going to fall apart if you get things wrong.

Hopefully, the above advice and tips will help you have a smooth first dance. Good luck!

Posted by Vanessa Roberts