6 Things You Need To Do When Your Wedding is Over

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Once your wedding day has come to an end, it's likely you’ll still be on a high from the festivities. While you will want to maintain the post-wedding high for as long as possible, there will be some steps you will need to take to draw the event to a close and embark on married life.

Here are some top tips on what to do when your wedding day is over.


#1 - Send Thank You Cards


As your loved ones might have travelled from various corners of the globe to attend your special day, in addition to buying you and your other half a gift, you must thank them once your big day is over.

Once you have enjoyed your honeymoon, write a list of people you need to send thank you cards to before your paper anniversary rolls around.


#2 - Clean and Preserve Your Wedding Dress


If you wore a wedding dress, you will likely want to preserve it as a memento from your big day. For this reason, you should have your wedding gown professionally cleaned, which will ensure it is in superb condition when you pull it out of your closet or hand it down to your daughter.

It is wise to clean the dress as soon as possible, which can prevent stains and smells from setting in and destroying the design.


#3 - Organise Your Wedding Album


Looking through your wedding photographs can be exciting for both you and your other half, as it will trigger superb memories from your big day.

Unless your photographer has provided a photo album, you and your partner should spend the day organising your favourite snaps into an album, which will transport you back to your wedding.


#4 - Utilise Your Wedding Knowledge


After spending many months or years prepping for your big day, you more than likely believe you have what it takes to become a wedding planner, which could be a viable career option.

Alternatively, you could put your wedding expertise to use by launching your own wedding e-commerce site, but you must compare Magento to Shopify to make an informed choice on a platform.


#5 - Review Your Wedding Vendors


It is likely your wedding vendors worked hard to provide you with a magical day.

As they will rely on positive feedback and word of mouth to generate future customers, you can guarantee they will appreciate you taking the time to write a glowing review on their website or a third-party site.

Plus, it is a superb way to express your appreciation for their hard work.


#6 - Legally Change Your Surname


If you have decided you want to take your partner’s surname, there are various legal steps you will need to undertake to do so.

Once you have your marriage certificate, you must fill in the appropriate paperwork to change your name on your:

  • Passport

  • Driver’s license

  • Bank account

  • Mortgage

  • Tax information

The sooner you complete the paperwork, the sooner you will legally share your partner’s surname, which can make it easier to transition into married life.




Posted by Vanessa Roberts