How To Buy Bridal Jewellery On A Budget

budget bridal jewellery

Because bridal jewellery CAN be bought on a budget if you know what to look for!

It's common knowledge that weddings have a knack for getting on the pricey side. After all, brides and grooms only have one opportunity to have a wedding day, so it's natural that the day is celebrated with a splurge. After the venue, car hire, photography and accommodations are booked, it's time to find funds for dresses and suits, bridesmaids gifts, hair and makeup and last (but not least!) the bridal jewellery.

Even though a bride's bridal jewellery plays an integral part of her final look for the day, it's common for couples to slide this purchase priority down the list to make way for other expenses. 

In an ideal world we'd all have unlimited budgets to buy whatever our heart desires, but here on planet earth, occasionally a bride will need to get savvy with her finances and make those bridal dollars stretch further.

If you're worried that you'll have to sacrifice on quality and style when looking for more affordable bridal jewellery, fear not.

We're here to tell you that it IS possible to look a million dollars on your wedding day, without actually spending a small fortune.

Keep reading for some essential tips to saving money on your bridal jewellery!

1. Know your materials - If you want to look expensive but you don't have the budget for real jewels such as diamonds, then it's time to jump onto the next best thing: Cubic Zirconia. Created in a lab, cubic zirconias are simulated (or fake/faux) diamonds. They are designed to look exactly like a real diamond, in colour, cut and clarity, but they come in at a tiny fraction of the cost of an actual diamond. Available in all shapes and sizes, cubic zirconia is substituted into bridal earrings, bridal bracelets and bridal hairpieces instead of real diamonds, and the results are very convincing!

For the most authentic look, choose cubic zirconia jewellery that is smaller in scale and as closely designed to "real diamond" jewellery as possible. Savvy brides might even co-ordinate their real pieces with the synthetic, and no one would be any the wiser.

Some examples of "real jewellery inspired" cubic zirconia earrings from our collection include:

bridal jewellery stud earring

bridal jewellery bridal stud earring

bridal jewellery necklace

2. Avoid designer labels - it goes without saying that designer brands add a hefty margin onto their pricing for the brand name alone. While it does feel nice to receive that designer parcel in the post, or skip out of a flashy boutique with an expensive carry bag, it WILL blow your budget needlessly. It's totally possible to get the designer look for less by shopping around online and shopping from lesser known bridal jewellery boutiques, such as ours!

While you won't be able to name drop quite the same way, you WILL have a lot more savings in your pocket which can go toward other things like a house, or a honeymoon.  So the lesson is, shop around for better prices on the same or similar styles, even if it means eschewing a brand name for one day!

Some examples of "designer inspired" bridal headpieces from our collection include:

bridal jewellery designer style headpiece

bridal jewellery designer inspired headpieces

3. Don't be afraid to ask for advice - No matter if you're shopping for bridal jewellery in person or online, chances are you're going to get confused with the abundance available, and struggle to decide which are the right items for you. Rather than take a chance by ordering a bridal jewellery set that isn't what you expected, make sure to reach out to the sales assistant or customer care line for expert guidance.

Online bridal jewellery stores such as ours, offer complimentary styling advice and assistance to all customers. We will provide product suggestions and general style tips based on the information and photos you provide to us. We'll work within your requests and your budget to suggest a range of pieces we are confident you'll be thrilled with. Reaching out to customer service may just save you making an incorrect choice that can't be returned, it could save you time, and it could save you a lot of money on postage.

4. Try to shop SALE items - There's no shame in picking up an absolute bargain that's on sale, even if it is for your wedding! While once upon a time, the idea of buying something on clearance would have been considered bad taste for a bride, in 2019 it's commonplace - and very smart!

Don't convince yourself that an item on sale is somehow not worthy of your wedding day. It could simply be that the retailer is not renewing that design, or it may be unavailable from the supplier, hence it has been cleared to make way for new arrivals. If you're on the lookout for classic and vintage-inspired pieces, then the good news is, the majority of bridal jewellery will never go out of style anyway! So buy with confidence, and snap up those bargains while they are still available and reap the savings.

Your bridal budget will thank you for it.


Posted by Vanessa Roberts