Are Display Homes The Perfect Solution For Busy Newlyweds?


Planning a wedding is well known to be overwhelming and stressful. Many couples report that the task of planning their big day is like taking on a second full time job!

From finding the perfect wedding dress and wedding accessories, to sourcing the venue and all the suppliers, the To-Do list is long and exhausting. While the honeymoon will give you both a little bit of much needed downtime after the wedding day is over, soon enough you will have ore choices to make such as where to settle down and start up a home together.

When you're thinking of the best place to move into after your honeymoon, your choices are limitless. From urban apartments to spacious display homes in brand new suburbs, you need to decide which option is best for you.

These days, display homes are becoming a popular choice with newlyweds, due to their relative affordability, high-quality fixtures and fittings, and modern designs.


Here are the top 6 reasons to live in a display home:

1. Quality features and inclusions

Display homes feature the best materials to showcase the ability of builders. They come with additional features that will entice most buyers. These may include modern appliances, the best window treatments, upgraded lighting fixtures and more.

Moreover, display homes combine remarkable interior design, usable spaces, and functional layouts. All these are part of the purchase price, and you’ll enjoy using them without having to incur extra costs. Want to learn more? View Fyansford display homes from JG King Homes to know more about the unique features.

2. Well maintained and clean

Builders ensure that their display homes are cleaned regularly and maintained in a highly presentable condition. The yards are well manicured with beautiful plants. These houses are built to meet high standards and are well maintained throughout the display period. Therefore, they require minimal maintenance compared to older homes. You don’t have to spend cleaning or fixing up broken appliances in the new home, which saves a lot.

3. They're ready to move straight into

Display homes are ready to enjoy; you can buy a home and move in the next day. With these homes, you don’t have to plan for repairs and renovations, which can be time-consuming. Display homes are sold in excellent condition and are ready for occupancy at any time. Although you may want to make a few modifications in the future, the project can wait until you have time and money to accomplish it.

4. Contemporary floorplans

Old houses rarely offer alfresco areas, built-in theatres, or activity rooms. However, buyer’s needs and preferences keep on changing, and display homes are a perfect match. With recently built display homes, you’ll get luxury amenities, ranging from large master bedroom suites to secluded study areas to meet the needs of modern homebuyers.

5. Beautiful neighbourhoods

Most display homes are surrounded by other stunning homes, particularly if positioned in a display village. Your home will likely neighbor other attractive properties, thus translating to a beautiful neighborhood. Also, mist display homes are situated in a connected community, with proximity to schools, shopping malls, hospitals and more.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Planning a wedding takes time and effort, and I bet you can’t have time to build a home. Well, display homes present you the opportunity to acquire a property at a reduced rate. Mostly, builders want to sell the home fast and commit the funds to other projects. You can then buy your ideal home at a cheaper rate and move in without much hassle.

A quick wrap up

So, if you're looking for the best home as a newly wedded couple, a display home offers everything you could want and much more. Take comfort from the fact you will be able to move into a new home without having to endure the stress associated with renovations or repairs!

Posted by Vanessa Roberts