Should You Match Your Bridal Jewellery To Your Engagement Ring?

It's common for brides to want to try and match their bridal jewellery such as their wedding earrings, wedding headpiece and bridal bracelet to their engagement ring. After all, when everything is so well coordinated in the rest of the wedding ensemble, why not also the wedding jewellery to the ring?

The problem with being concerned with matching literally EVERYTHING is it makes the brides job of finding the perfect bridal accessories that much more difficult than it needs to be!

How frustrating for a bride to have found those earrings she absolutely loves, only to pass them over and need to keep endlessly searching for a new pair that matches her ring a little bit more. And when you factor in the desire for ALL other jewellery and accessory elements to be perfectly matched, you are really looking at a complex and time-consuming process for an already busy bride to be.

So the short answer to this question, in our opinion is - NO. You definitely do not need to match your bridal jewellery to your engagement ring. We recommend instead choosing jewellery and a headpiece that a) you love b) that is matched to the dress, and your general bridal style. These are the factors that will show on the day, and those that will be highlighted in your photography.

There are no hard and fast rules for how to match your wedding jewellery to your wedding dress, but we've talked about this in an earlier post you can check out here.

For inspiration, we've put together some of our favourite combinations of bridal jewellery such as bridal earrings, bridal bracelets and wedding headpieces from our range. Use these examples as a guide when it comes to mixing and matching your own bridal sets.

And remember - if you would like personalised styling advice for your wedding or other special occasion, just send us an email!

bridal jewellery inspiration set

ABOVE: Raffaela Bridal Earring + Jasmine Bridal Bracelet


bridal jewellery pearl inspiration

ABOVE: Lilianne Bridal HeadpieceAmelie Bridal Earrings


bridal jewellery inspiration earrings and headpiece

ABOVE: Marian Bridal Earring + Francesca Bridal Headpiece

bridal jewellery inspiration

ABOVE: Jordan Bridal Bracelet + Palais Bridal Earring

Posted by Vanessa Roberts