Top Tips For Choosing Your Bridal Jewellery and Bridal Headpieces

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You've found the perfect wedding dress, and have been carefully breaking in your new wedding shoes, and now it's time to find your bridal jewellery!


Not only will your bridal jewellery enhance your overall wedding day look, if you choose wisely, you'll be investing in some really beautiful pieces you can wear again and again - long after the wedding day passes.


But how to choose those ever important bridal jewellery pieces? Here we go over the main points to consider when picking out your wedding jewellery and bridal headpieces. 


It may go without saying, but your bridal jewellery will take all clues from your dress. Whilst you may fall in love with those dramatic shoulder-duster chandelier wedding earrings, or you may absolutely die for an emerald-inspired bridal bracelet, if these pieces do not make you or your dress look even better, then it's time to bookmark that page, and come back another time!

1. Dress details - if your wedding dress features a lot of embellishment with pearls and crystals all over, you may be best off with bridal jewellery that is more subtle, so as to not compete with the features of the dress - or overwhelm you. A simple pair of bridal earrings may be perfect if you already have an elaborate dress. Or perhaps you switch the focus to a bridal headpiece positioned behind the head, so as to not look too much from a front view. 

2. Consider the neckline - If you have a lower neckline, a statement necklace or a dramatic pair of earrings could work beautifully. A higher neckline will shift the focus to your wrists, and your headpiece.

3. Remember your own personal style and personality - You needn't be a traditionalist! While there is always a place for classic bridal jewellery, and it's a wise option for most brides, don’t be afraid to choose something modern and contemporary if that suits your own personal style (and the dress of course!) Don't worry about what you think is "expected" of you just because it's a wedding. If you love clean, modernist jewellery design or something a little unusual, give yourself permission to wear it!

4. Decide your hairstyle before picking bridal jewellery - how you choose to wear your hair for your wedding is one of the most critical elements of your look. Meet and trial with your chosen hairstylist well before the day to work out what will give you the most beautiful look. Your hairstylist will be able to guide you on important decisions such as the size and shape of your bridal headpiece, as well as the length and style of your bridal earrings

For example, a loose flowing down-style may not suit a crystal-encrusted bridal comb you have your heart set on. Perhaps a collection of delicate bridal pins would be better suited? By the same token, an elaborate up-do will swamp small and dainty hair accessories - in this case you'll need to opt for a bigger statement-making bridal headpiece. We have all shapes and sizes of bridal headpieces in our collection, scroll our pages for plenty of ideas and inspiration!

5. To veil, or not to veil? - While veils can simply be taken off after the wedding formalities are over, some brides like to keep the veil on throughout the entire event. If you choose to wear the veil all day, consider a bridal headpiece that will enhance the veil (such as one that sits atop the veil or to the side of the head.) We have lots of bridal headpieces that can be worn with a veil and then moved to the side, for a day to reception look.


These are just some of the main things to consider when buying your bridal jewellery and bridal headpieces. For personalised help and style advice, contact us! We'd love to help you find the perfect finishing touches to your special day.


Posted by Vanessa Roberts